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Softball player savors sweet treats as well as winning runs


Louisiana Tech Softball reflects player's candy obsession.


For most college students, their cell phone is almost as necessary to their existence as oxygen. In Charday Wilson’s case, a cell phone holds no candle to her obsession and need for candy.

This 22–year-old cannot remember a time when she was without a sweet treat.

“I love candy,” she said with a grin. “I always have. If someone told me they didn’t like candy, I’d think they were probably crazy. I’d have to open my bag, show them everything I have and tell them to at least try it.”

Wilson has loved all sugary treats since she was a youngster.

“Candy has always been my reward,” she said. “If my family wanted me to be good, they gave me candy. They wanted me to be quiet in church, they gave me candy. So, I’ve always eaten a lot of it. It’s a good reward. Now, it’s not the best because I’m stuck on it.”

Wilson said all the members of her family have been known to have a sweet tooth or two.

“I think all of my family eaters are big sweets eaters,” she said. “My grandmother eats like 10 pies and 8 cakes for Thanksgiving, so we all eat a lot of sweets.”

Wilson is not the only one getting a sugar rush. Her teammates also benefit from this candy-coated compulsion.

“My teammates think it’s funny and ironic that I love candy so much and I’m so small,” she said. “They always ask for my candy, and I always share. They like it.”

Fellow teammate and roommate Erin Kipp is one of the beneficiaries of Wilson’s candy craze.

“She always has a snack, so if I ever need one, she’ll always have one,” she said. “I don’t see anything wrong with her obsession. I’ve never seen anyone who loves candy as much as she does, but it works. If I don’t want some kind of candy, we swap. She doesn’t like Reese’s and I love Reese’s, so we’ll switch candy.”

Kipp said she has witnessed Wilson’s love of the sweet delights ever since they first spent time together.

“I roomed with her last year in the hotel, and she would have candy wrappers all in her bed,” she said. “She would be eating them while we were there, and there would be candy wrappers everywhere. It was so funny.”

Kipp said she and the rest of the team find the candy fixation as lucrative as a miniature candy factory.

“Everybody thinks it’s so funny when they see her candy wrappers all in her bed,” she said. “They like to mooch off her candy stash.”

Wilson admittedly eats at least a package of candy a day. With all of this crazy candy consumption, her dentist is one of her biggest fans.

“I’ve had a ton of cavities,” she said. “I probably have some now. When I was little, I had to have surgery on my mouth to get all the cavities out. The most cavities I’ve had at one time were 25. My dentist probably likes my candy habit. It keeps me coming back.”

After this many years as a self-proclaimed candy-holic, Wilson said she does not have any plans on stopping her candy confection compulsion anytime soon.