Two Lady Techsters hunt for more than a homerun


Kendra Harmon (right) with the deer she killed for her television show for Outdoor Channel.


Spending time in the woods hoping for the next big kill has proven to be an exciting way for two Lady Techsters to spend theirtime off the field.

Kendra Harmon, a senior left fielder, and Janine Godwin, a freshman outfielder, have more in common than softball. They both love deer hunting.

Harmon and Godwin are both from small towns where they said their families were their main influence to start hunting.

Godwin said in her hometown of Princeton, Texas, people’s favorite extra-curricular activities involve hunting and fishing. For Harmon, the situation is the same and she said her family has a deer stand in her back yard.

“My mom and dad would take me hunting when I was as young as two,” Harmon said. “They would bring me in their deer stands with them and I would go to sleep on the floor.”

Godwin said she had been going with her father to their deer lease since she was around the age of two as well.

Even though they both started hunting around the same age, Godwin just recently killed her first deer.

“I killed my first deer over this past Thanksgiving break,” Godwin said. “When I was little, I never wanted to shoot a deer because I was a big animal person that didn’t want to kill them.”


Janine Godwin with her first ever deer.

Harmon, on the other hand, has a completely different story and killed her first deer when she was just 6 years old.

“All I remember was being with my dad,” Harmon said. “He let me get on his lap to kill the deer.”

Harmon was recently given the opportunity to be featured on an episode of Outdoor Channel’s “Mossy Oak’s Hunting in the Country”.

“My family and I go to Giles Island every Christmas to hunt,” she said. “The host of the show was at Giles the same time that I was the year before. They called Giles and asked if we were coming back this past year because they wanted to put us on the show.”

Harmon said recording a television show was a new experience for her.

“It was very odd getting used to having a camera in my face all of the time,” Harmon said. “Every where I went, I had a camera following me and was hooked up to a microphone.”

Godwin does not just stick to deer hunting. She enjoys hunting turkeys, rabbits and squirrels as well as deer.

“I’ve only killed one deer,” Godwin said. “I’m hoping for a lot more though.”

Harmon’s favorite story actually involves a mixture of snacks and a running deer.

“I’m not the type of hunter that just sits and waits on a deer,” Harmon said. “I have to have candy, Coke, chips and my cell phone with me.”

While Harmon was on a guided hunt at Giles Island, she was getting her usual snacks and cell phone ready after entering the stand when her guide started yelling at her.

“He kept telling me to get my gun up,” she said. “Before I could even get it up, he was telling me to shoot a deer that I haven’t even seen yet. When I saw the deer, it was a huge buck running across the food plot that we were hunting, so the guide yelled at the buck after grunting at it didn’t work. It stopped just before it entered the woods and I got to shoot him.”

Godwin and Harmon both said that no matter what, softball always comes before hunting, no matter how bad their buck fever is.


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